'Crazy Obsession': Baby Doll Maker

'Crazy Obsession': Baby Doll Maker

What is it with people's obsessions with dolls?! 

After documenting a couple obsessed with Cabbage Patch Kids and another couple with a $150,000 love doll collection on their hit show My Crazy Obsession, TLC has saved the best for last with Lynn, who has not only been obsessed with dolls for over 65 years, but takes it one step further by actually making them herself.

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The proud owner of 1,800 dolls, Lynn has "birthed" a doll at an average of one doll per day (as opposed to weeks or months, the normal amount of time for other doll makers) -- and not to sell, but to actually live with and take care of.

And not surprising given that she spends 10 to 15 hours a day working on dolls, she's formed quite the attachment with each of them.

'Crazy Obsession': The $150K Love Doll Collection

"They have their own little personalities," Lynn says.

"He's my little angry boy," she says about one astonishingly life-like doll. "He looks like my oldest son Bobby, so I named him Bobby."

Check out the video to see Lynn's "babies," and to hear why she's banned from the local maternity ward.

My Crazy Obsession airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on TLC.