'Biggest Loser' Surprised By Michelle Obama


The Biggest Loser contestants have been working hard for weeks to get in shape, and they will be rewarded for their hard work and dedication on the upcoming episode when they get to visit "someone who is not just a style icon but an icon to an entire nation" during Makeover Week.

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In the featured sneak peek above, we see the contestants captured in an elated state of surprise when they see a video image of First Lady Michelle Obama appear on the screen.

"You all are showing millions of Americans that each of us can make positive changes in our lives," Mrs. Obama conveys on the screen. "These changes won't just make a difference for ourselves--they can make an impact on our families and children as well."

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The reassuring, positive message wasn't all the First Lady had in store for the hard-working contestants, as she then invited them to come to the White House to share their journeys with her in person.

Check out The Biggest Loser's makeover episode Tuesday, April 3rd at 8 p.m. on NBC.