Heejun Talks 'Idol' Elimination


Throughout his American Idol journey, Heejun Han has been cracking jokes -- and while it's gotten him quite far in the competition, an exclusive new interview he gave to us is no laughing matter.

Did Heejun Go Too Far on Twitter?

Following Heejun's elimination (which he wasn't surprised by), the singer told ETonline that while he loves everyone who played a part in his season 11 experience, when asked who he will root for, Heejun told us, "I was rooting for Jeremy, Sharon or Erika ... but [that] didn't happen so I'm not gonna root any for now. I'm just gonna watch The Voice."

Did America Get It Right?

He also claimed that guest mentor Diddy was "kinda drunk when we were having our mentor session." And while Heejun lavished this week's guest mentor, Stevie Nicks, with endless compliments, he advised all famous future helpers, "You do not wanna be drunk when you're coming to American Idol session, OK?"