Kristen Wiig on Life After 'SNL'

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Kristen Wiig on Life After 'SNL'

As Kristen Wiig's contract with Saturday Night Live expires this year, there has been speculation that this will be the actress' last season on the NBC sketch show. On Monday's Here's the Thing with Alec Baldwin, Wiig did little to squash the rumors.

A Bridesmaids Sequel Without Kristen Wiig?

"I don't know," Wiig said when asked if her time on SNL was "winding down."

Wiig assured Baldwin that when she does feel like it's her time to go, it won't be easy saying goodbye.

"When I do leave, it's not because I'm sick of it and not because I see something better or anything like that," she explained. "It's just that it's time. When I do leave, it will be the hardest thing. I mean, you know. You're there for a week and on Saturday night you're sad because you leave these people."

Baldwin has hosted the show 15 times.

During her time as an SNL cast member, Wiig has found success outside of television. Her most notable project being the 2011 smash hit Bridesmaids, which was a Best Picture nominee at the Academy Awards.

Click below to listen to Wiig's entire interview on Baldwin's WNYC podcast.