Curtis and Harmon Continue to Heat Up on 'NCIS'

Curtis and Harmon Continue to Heat Up on 'NCIS'

Jamie Lee Curtis' guest role on NCIS has developed into a significant role with her character's love interest with Mark Harmon's character (Special Agent Gibbs), and things continue to heat up between the two on tonight's episode of the popular crime drama.

In the featured sneak peek we see Curtis' character, Dr. Samantha Ryan, run into Gibbs just as he is getting into the elevator. After the two share a kiss, Ryan gives Gibbs a pizza with a message written on the inside of the box.

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Ryan gets excited when Gibbs stops the elevator to speak seriously with her, as she jokes, "I haven't done this since the '80s" after the lights are shut off in the elevator.

The 53-year-old actress has brought in many viewers for her role as Dr. Ryan on the show and has now played the role a few times. She recently revealed to CBS This Morning that she would accept a regular role on the show if she were offered.

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"If they can figure out the storytelling, which I'm sure Gary [Glasberg] (executive producer), I would obviously love to [have a regular role on the show]," she said. "I've very much enjoyed establishing [my character's] life and her role on the show and now I would love to be able to play a little bit with [Mark Harmon's character]."

Find out if the couple's relationship continues to escalate on the full all-new episode of NCIS tonight at 8 p.m. on CBS.