TV Report Card: Who's on the Road to Cancellation?


Will your favorite shows return to television this fall?

American Idol, The X Factor and Two and a Half Men were recently named by Forbes as TV's top earners, but what does the future hold for the shows on the cusp? Entertainment Weekly contributor Tim Stack weighs in.

Spring TV Season Chock Full of Surprises

Fan favorites like Fringe, Cougar Town and Community will likely survive the chopping block this season says Stack, if only to give each respective series their opportunity for closure.

Newcomers such as GCB, Are you There Chelsea? and Awake may go either way predicts Stack, as the programs have delivered decent ratings and EW holds high expectations for a second season of Touch on FOX which can be attributed to the network's relationship with its star, Kiefer Sutherland.

'Cougar Town' Cast on the Prowl in Vegas

On the other hand, A Gifted Man, Whitney, Last Man Standing, and Ringer remain prominent on the magazine's cancellation radar.

Watch the video for more of Stack's predictions. Entertainment Weekly hits stands this Friday.