Tina Fey Talks End of '30 Rock'


Tina Fey Talks End of '30 Rock'

Alec Baldwin sent the 30 Rock loving world into a frenzy yesterday when, in the middle of a Twitter rant against the Today show, he Tweeted, "I think I'm leaving NBC just in time."

And while his reps assured ET that Alec isn't leaving the show early, co-star Tina Fey did reveal this morning that the end of 30 Rock is on the horizon.

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"We can't do this for 35 years," she said today on The View. When asked to posit what Baldwin meant, Fey added, "He just means the end of the show is visible on the horizon. We'd love to keep going and see where these characters end up ... [but] you don't want to see me with a grey stripe in my hair, eating a slice of pizza, going on dates."

And while 30 Rock has yet to be renewed for next season, Fey did tease a few upcoming developments that are sure to keep them in the ratings running. Not only will their April 26 live outing feature celebrity cameos from "old friends of the show and some people you've never seen on the show before," but there will also be another episode dedicated to The Queen of Jordan on May 3!

For the uninitiated, Queen of Jordan is Angie Jordan's (Sherri Shepherd) Bravo reality show that was memorably introduced in season five as an entire episode that was edited in the vein of Real Housewives. Of the next installment, Tina teased, "[Angie's] having a big fashion line debut and she's mad because she thinks Jack is stealing her thunder."

A clip was then shown that revealed Angie's clothing line is called Chic and the theme of her party is "What Are You Looking At?" Guess "HAM!" was taken.

30 Rock airs Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. on NBC.