Rachael Ray's Regrets and Adventures

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Rachael Ray's 30 Minute Meals may be saving you time in the kitchen, but the time and energy that went into her rise to the top of the celebrity chef world came with some regrets. The talk show host recently told omg! from Yahoo! she really missed out on a lot in her adult years. Of her grueling schedule she says, "There were a lot of years where I thought that just working really hard was the equivalent of having exercise every day in your life, and it really isn't." She now admits to treating herself much better.

Now 43, Rachael says, "Unfortunately, I didn't learn until I was a 40-year-old that meaningful
exercise really does matter, too. I think I'm in better shape now than
I've been in a long time. I go to the gym six days a week and I've
learned to love it, and because I make that time, I feel like I'm OK if I
have a piece of pizza or French fries with lunch. I don't really feel
guilt." She adds that hitting the gym every morning with husband Jon is the best way to start her day.

Rachael Ray's Cookbook Controversy

Though she doesn't have children, Ray is not only a wife, but Mom to a pit bull Isaboo. In addition to her self-titled daily talk show, she regularly appears on Good Morning America and Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off. In addition to her small screen cooking dominance, she has a magazine, a line of cookware, cookbooks, and her own brand of dog food to keep her busy.

Her latest foray into healthy food helps American families cook more at home. She's partnered with Ziploc to promote the Great American FreshOver project. She explains the project as, "a platform for families to go get information, incentives, and great tips and tricks to
lower that differential when it comes to feeding their families a more
healthful diet that includes more fruits and vegetables."

ET Behind the Scenes of The Rachael Ray Show

Despite her regrets, current day-to-day is an "absolute dream life." She tells Parade, "I love what I do. I do for a living what I would do on a day off from any other job. I get to cook food that I love and share that with
people. I get to chat with world leaders, athletes, rock stars, movie
stars, and interact with our viewers. I have this extraordinary life
during the day, and then I get to come home to my sweet husband who
loves to cook with me. I have a nice glass of wine, he has some scotch,
we chat, we cook, and we hang out with the dog." Despite living her dream, she reveals wanting yet another job: a rock drummer for the Foo Fighters. It could happen, don't all drummers start with pots and pans?