First Look: Leelee Sobieski Likes Fighting Crime


Leelee Sobieski says the best part about being in the new gritty cop drama NYC 22 is getting to play a tough character who's not afraid to take down bad guys. 

ET visited the set of NYC 22 -- which follows six diverse New York Police Department rookies as they fight crime on the streets of upper Manhattan -- to speak to Sobieski and the rest of the cast about what sets this police drama apart from the rest. 

"I get to down really big dudes," Sobieski said. "Which I just look and think -- I could never do that in real life. I've never been in a real fight in real life or slapped anybody or slapped a girlfriend. In this I get to be really tough and that's pretty cool."

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The actress -- who believes audiences will embrace the show's "incredible characters" and find the Robert DeNiro-produced NYC 22 refreshingly grittier than other cop shows -- said one of her favorite parts of doing the role is having people come up to her on the street thinking she's a real cop.

One of Sobieski's co-stars, British actor Tom Reed, said that her personality actually reminds him of his sister. "Leelee's great, I knew her work before I came out to New York so I was excited to meet her and work with her. She's very detailed and hard-working, but also has a goofy personality." 

Watch the video to also hear from cast members Adam Goldberg and Felix Solis talk about the series while attending the show's New York City premiere and don't miss the network debut of NYC 22 this Sunday at 10 p.m. on CBS.