Weatherly Looks 'Crime Scene Chic' on 'NCIS'


On the next episode of NCIS, Tony DiNozzo (portrayed by Michael Weatherly) hones his sense of fashion when he exhibits a new pair of leather boots at work, which he refers to as "practical playboy" style, but his co-workers aren't too fond of the wardrobe change.

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As Tony is about the step out of the truck, Tim and Ziva notice his new boots and are quick to mock his new style, calling it "blue-collar-meets-Ivy-League" and "chic farmhand." After he receives more comments on the boots, Tony labels his style as "crime scene chic."

Gibbs doesn't see any place for the fashion talk at work and tells Tony to knock it off. "One more word about your boots--you're gonna find mine up your ass," he threatens.

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Tony's light mood quickly dampens when he runs into an old acquaintance that he wasn't very fond of that is working on the arson unit for the case. However, the two have to drop their feud as they work together on the case and have a close encounter that we see in the above sneak peek.

Check out the full episode of NCIS tonight at 8 p.m. on CBS.