Can 'Amazing Race' Contestants Dance Bollywood?

Can 'Amazing Race' Contestants Dance Bollywood?

The Amazing Race
contestants are faced with some daunting and abnormal tasks that can lead to frustration and fatigue, but on this weekend's episode the contestants are forced to deal with another emotion as they take on Bollywood dancing--embarrassment.

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In the featured sneak peek above, Mark, who thinks he may pass out or have a heart attack on the stage, isn't exactly in-sync with the other dancers on the stage as he gives it a go at his best Bollywood dancing with his teammate Bopper cheering him on. Towards the end of his routine, the scarf he is wearing flaps up over his head, which causes the director to stop the take.

J.J. isn't so smooth with his dance moves either and gets labeled by one of his fellow racers as a "gorilla in a chiffon suit" while he is practicing. The girls don't have much luck either, as Rachel has an emotional breakdown and Vanessa doesn't seem to be able to get it going either.

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Will any of the racers be decent Bollywood dancers or will they all hang their heads in embarrassment? Find out on a new The Amazing Race this Sunday at 8 p.m. on CBS.