William Levy: Cheryl Doesn't Care about My Ankle


After gutting it out and performing on Dancing with the Stars with an ankle injury last week, William Levy updated ET on the status of the injury and also on how his partner, Cheryl Burke, was treating his injured ankle.

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Levy revealed that his injury is getting better but is still ailing him but Burke isn't doing much to work around his injury in their routine. "She just don't care. She just don't give a s*** about my ankle," he said. "She comes and tells me we have to do four lifts. Now, I hurt my ankle and she come[s] and say[s] we have to do 20 turns...She just don't care."

Burke clarified her lack of consideration for her partner's injury, saying that because everyone already knows what she and William are capable of, she doesn't want the judges to think that they are slowing down their routine because of the injury.

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Levy, who will be performing the rumba with his partner tonight, wasn't very excited about the dance during a rehearsal. "I feel the dance is very feminine right now. I don't feel sexy at all," the actor said. "I feel [that] all the moves that we're doing are very feminine. I don't feel masculine at all doing these moves."

The duo also expressed their negative feelings about the new dance duel that the show has enacted in which the bottom two contestants battle it out at the same time on stage in a high-pressure environment.

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Check out William and Cheryl's rumba tonight on Dancing with the Stars at 8 p.m. on ABC.