Gladys Knight Unfazed By 'DWTS' Elimination


After being eliminated from Dancing with the Stars last night, most would expect a grim face or perhaps tears from Gladys Knight, but the Empress of Soul seemed completely unfazed by the elimination when she was interviewed backstage after the show.

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"It feels great," she said. "It was like a reunion. You know when you get ready to leave after everybody's come to town and you ate up all the barbecue and potato salad and everybody had their arguments and their good hugs and kisses and it's all over and everybody [goes] back to their different homelands or whatever it is? That's all it is."

Knight, who was subjected to a dance duel with Roshon Fegan following her night-low score of 21 for her Motown Week dance, was a fan favorite and appeared to have won over the toughest judge, Len, as well when he approached Knight on the floor for a farewell hug.

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With her fellow Motown legends performing during her week of elimination, Knight said that she would probably come back and perform on the show if she was asked to. The singer said that although her Dancing duties are finished, she still has plenty to keep her busy.

"It'll be what it's always been," Knight said. "I've always been on the move and I've always had things to do, places to go, people to see, and people to stand up for."

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When asked whether she would incorporate more dancing into her on-stage singing performances, Knight said that she would steal her fellow Dancing cast mates and make them do the dancing for her.

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