Indian Palace Knocks Oprah's Spanx Off

Indian Palace Knocks Oprah's Spanx Off

As we saw last week on her special Oprah's Next Chapter, Oprah's trip to India has been eye-opening for her as she is exposed to the country in its rawest forms. However, on the next installment of her trip to India, Oprah visits a lavish palace that knocks her spanx off.

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Oprah is in a state of excited awe as she is given the full palatial treatment, including a horse-drawn carriage, decorated camels and elephants, and trumpets and drums blaring accompanied by a commotion of dance. "It just knocked my spanx off," she says in a later interview.

However, as Oprah discovered on last week's episode, India isn't all about glamour and glory. As she visits Vrindavan, also referred to as "The City of Widows," Oprah is hit with the unsettling fact that in Indian custom widows are not allowed to remarry and are abandoned by their family members, which causes them to become beggars.

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