Is Longoria Satisfied with 'Housewives' Finale?


With the finale of Desperate Housewives, the television series that brought Eva Longoria into stardom, just around the corner, the cast of the show gathered together to celebrate the end of their show, which Longoria predicted will satisfy its fans.

"I think it's always a bummer whenever you've invested so long in a series and then it doesn't end well," she said. "Ours ends so great. When we did the last table read we were balling because it was so good," Longoria added, saying that it was a "perfect ending to a perfect eight years" and that she was satisfied with the show's finale.

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All of the cast members expressed similar feelings about the ending of the show, which they believe will meet the approval of fans. "[Mark Cherry] (writer) does a lot of harkening back to earlier seasons that I think people will be really excited about," said Andrea Bowen, who plays "Julie" on the show.

After eight years on the set of Housewives, some cast members revealed that the departure from the show was quite an emotional experience. "When I read the final script at the table read, I actually couldn't get through the final voice-over because it was so deep and emotional," Brenda Strong, who played "Mary Alice," said.

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For a 22-year-old actress like Andrea Bowen, the show holds plenty of sentimental value, as she pointed out the she's been working on it for a big chunk of her life. "This experience has been almost a third of my life," she said. "The idea of not going to set and seeing everybody and being there with everyone is really bittersweet."

Desperate Housewives
will end its eight-year run on Sunday, May 13.