Michael Weatherly Predicts Baby Daughter's Job


Michael Weatherly recently welcomed his daughter, Olivia, into the world and the NCIS star is wasting no time trying to decipher what type of occupation his daughter will hold. ET caught up with the proud father on NCIS's set.

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With his usual flare of humor, Weatherly tested out his daughter's name in a few announcer voices to gauge if he could imagine his daughter in a particular profession. After skipping over a couple potential ideas including a stripper, Weatherly concluded that his daughter may have a future in politics. "Up next with Fareed Zakaria, Secretary of Defense Olivia Weatherly," he imitated.

Weatherly also talked about his NCIS trip to Italy with co-star Cote de Pablo on which their characters are doing undercover work. With the end of Season 9 drawing near, the 43-year-old actor and his co-stars revealed that there will be plenty more explosions in the concluding episodes.

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"It's about fire. It's about explosives. It's about terrorism," said Mark Harmon, who plays "Gibbs" on the show. "As always on this show, it's not what it seems. It starts out in one direction and then we find out that this threat is much closer."

Check out the full clip above for more. NCIS airs tonight at 8 p.m. on CBS.