'Amazing Race' Gets the Giggles on Game Show


The Amazing Race is down to its final stretch with four remaining teams trying to battle it out. While the contestants are serious and determined to win the race, they'll have to try hard to maintain their focus and not burst into laughter as they appear on a Japanese game show.

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In the featured sneak peek of this weekend's season finale, we see J.J. cheering on Art as he competes in a bizarre game on Japanese game show in which he has to run on a striped treadmill and jump up to snatch rubber chickens that are hanging on a wire.

Giggles are galore for everyone but Art as he tries to jump on the treadmill while holding on to the rubber chickens. However, Art won't be the only one who makes a fool of himself, as a member of each time will complete the task.

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The season finale is set to be an action-packed adventure with the new twist that the finish line won't be the end of the race. Don't miss the exciting conclusion to The Amazing Race this Sunday at 8 p.m. on CBS.