Katherine Jenkins: My Wardrobe Was Sabotaged


Combining the commotion of dance with eccentric wardrobe adds to the flare of Dancing with the Stars but it can also lead to wardrobe malfunctions, as Katherine Jenkins discovered last night when her pant leg was left dangling on her leg. Jenkins talked about the incident backstage and told ET that she thinks her wardrobe was "sabotaged."

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"It was a disaster," Jenkins said. "When the guys ripped my outfit off, it's perfectly in half so I thought it had gone really smoothly, and then I look down and...I don't even know how it's worked that half a trouser leg is still there. It doesn't make any sense. We think it was sabotaged."

Although Jenkins and her dancing partners were able to eventually work the pant leg off by acting as though it were part of their routine, she revealed that she was shaken up by the incident. "We carried on. I might have looked like I was in control but underneath I was screaming," the Welsh opera singer said. "I think we all were."

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Jenkins wasn't the only one who suffered a wardrobe incident during Monday's show, as Roshon Fegan's dancing partner Chelsie Hightower showed ET after the show that her dress had been ripped during their dance, which garnered the night's second-highest score (29). "I was just dancing like crazy and I ripped my dress," she said. "I actually don't know when it happened."

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