A Baby For Mike & Molly?


With next week's much-anticipated wedding of Mike & Molly fast approaching, we sat down with some cast members and the show's creator to get some new tidbits about the nuptials episode as well as future plot lines, including the possibility of a baby joining the show!

"I think life evolves, just like when you get married in real life," star Billy Gardell said of the show's new direction. He also hints that Mike and Molly will bring up having a baby and will continue to live with Molly's mom (Swoosie Kurtz), reflecting the economic reality for many couples in real-life. "I think it's a great reflection of what's going on because Mike and Molly are still going to have to live here until they can get a house, and then I'm sure there will be a baby talk, hopefully. You know, you want it to evolve like a real thing."

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Gardell describes the show's layered characters as "a wonderful onion" that when peeled, get more complex and "crazier" all the time, with Mike and Molly consistently "at the center of the tornado."

Series creator Mark Roberts promises some hilarious drama in the wedding episode, which he says will illustrate once again how the people surrounding Mike and Molly "are a little more problematic than they are helpful." Roberts also teases a possible baby arrival in the future. "As most sitcoms start out, you've already got a married couple with children. We started at square one, so yeah, we're going to be able to... we'll see where they go as a couple. The natural progression of a couple, we'll be able to investigate those things."

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Kurtz said she's had a blast playing Molly's mom on the show and said of the lead-up to the two characters walking down the aisle: "There's been one obstacle after another with the wedding plans, and complication upon complication." She revealed that in the wedding episode she has to take drastic action to stop her love interest Vince (Louis Mustillo) from wearing an inappropriately awkward leather outfit to the big ceremony.

Watch the video for more cast comments on what to expect next and be sure to watch the Mike & Molly wedding episode, airing next Monday night at 9:30 on CBS.

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