Marie Osmond Talks New Show, Jessica Simpson


Marie Osmond is set to debut her daytime talk show Marie! on the Hallmark Channel this fall, where the long-time entertainer will get to play the interviewer this time instead of the interviewee.

"I've done talk before, so I'm fascinated with people," Osmond says about being comfortable asking the questions. "I love people's lives and what makes people tick. I've been interviewed on the other side since I was three years old."

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What she believes sets her apart from other hosts is the fact that she can personally relate to her celebrity guests, given that she herself has had extensive experience performing and being an entertainer.

"Well it's like Britney Spears, we [Donny] were the first to debut her on our talk show," she recalls. "I would love to have Britney now -- what, she's like 30 and has kids, and she started out as a child, so there's perspectives that I can understand. If I'm talking to a band, I know what it is to be on a bus, I know what it is to be on that schedule. I know what it is to be on a Broadway stage, and you can relate to someone who's doing a show in a way that ... you know the questions, you know what it is. So I think it'll be fun in that way."

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Another celeb she can personally relate to, and would love to interview, is the heavily scrutinized Jessica Simpson.

"I honor her for honoring motherhood," she says. "Nobody can be thin after the birth of a baby -- this is her first baby! I put on 65 pounds with every child. That doesn't come off like [snaps fingers]. I think part of [my] post-partum was that I had to have it off in three weeks to get back in shape too. But you know, she's out there, she's trying to be a mom, she's bringing it. And so I applaud her, for all the other real women out there, that go through that."

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Check out the video to hear who Osmond's dream guest would be, and why she won't be backing fellow Mormon Mitt Romney.