Most Talked About 'Mad Men' Moment


The latest episode of Mad Men was coincidentally titled Dark Shadows on the same weekend that the film based on the vintage TV series hit theaters nationwide, but it was a steamy dream sequence involving Pete (Vincent Kartheiser) that had everyone talking. 

In this exclusive rewind from last night's episode, we see Pete's peaceful bliss following a daydream in which Beth (Alexis Bledel) strolls into his office wearing nothing but panties and a black fur coat.

VIDEO: Inside Mad Men Wardrobe Trailer - Exclusive

At first reluctant about the workplace encounter, Pete tells Beth, "You can't be here." But when she responds "I missed you," and moves seductively towards him --her breasts nearly exposed through her coat -- Pete finally gives in to enjoy the brief moment. 

The Dark Shadows connection to the episode comes when Megan helps a friend practice lines before auditioning for a part on the melodramatic show.

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