Tension is Rampant in 'NCIS' Season Finale

Tension is Rampant in 'NCIS' Season Finale

The NCIS crew is accustomed to investigating crimes, but things get very personal for the team when their director, Leon Vance, is missing. Everyone is on high-alert when Director Vance's car is found on a road that isn't anywhere near his usual route home.

In addition to figuring out where their co-worker is, they are forced to tackle high-profile terrorist threats to the Navy and to their own team as well. However, the tension doesn't end there.

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With the eminent threats at hand, Jimmy has to decide if he wants to stick around and help the team or proceed with his wedding that is planned for the weekend.

Check out the sneak peek above of the thrilling season finale of NCIS, which airs tonight at 8 p.m. on CBS.