Liz Gets Caught in a Pickle in '30 Rock' Finale


Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) gets caught in a pickle on 30 Rock when she is finds herself in an awkward moment literally between Jack (Alec Baldwin) and his two lovers: Avery (Elizabeth Banks) and her mother Dianna (Mary Steenburgen).

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After Dianna expresses discontent with Jack and Avery's vow renewal ceremony, Liz is in the middle of an uncomfortable exchange of laughter. "Stop, drop, and roll," Liz says as she falls the floor and scuttles out of the room.

In addition to the strange scenario at work, Liz is caught in a pickle at home as well when she discusses having children with her boyfriend, Criss (James Marsden). When Liz expresses uncertainty about going through with her dream of having a baby, Criss gets defensive and Liz attempts to reconcile the situation with a pickle jar analogy.

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Check out the featured sneak peek of tonight's season finale as well as commentary from the cast in the video above. 30 Rock airs tonight at 8:30 p.m. on NBC.