Will Arsenio Hall's Party Impress Donald Trump?


Comedian Arsenio Hall has made it to the Celebrity Apprentice finale and is pitted against singer Clay Aiken, as the two organize charity events that will be judged by Donald Trump. While Hall is a funny man, can he throw a party good enough to impress Mr. Trump?

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In the featured sneak peek above, Hall becomes concerned when very few people are turning up for his party and Aiken has a full line of people waiting to come into his event. "They're Clay-mates everywhere," Hall says in later interview. "I look over and see six people in line for me. I'm a little nervous."

Eliminated contestant Lisa Lampanelli tries to help Hall gather people and charitable donations but to no avail. Hall's friends have yet to show up, and he later jokes, "The more important you are, the more you think, 'It starts at 7? See you at 9:30!'"

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Although it may take his friends and other partygoers a while to show up, Hall is relieved when he sees Mr. Trump and his family as well as his date, Whoopi Goldberg, smiling and enjoying themselves.

Find out if Hall's charity event is successful enough for Mr. Trump to crown him as winner of The Celebrity Apprentice this Sunday (May 20) at 9 p.m. on NBC.