'Bachelorette' Hopefuls Perform with The Muppets


As the saying goes: Sometimes you have to kiss a few frogs to find a prince, and The Bachelorette enlisted the world's most famous frog to help in last night's group date.

Kermit the Frog and the rest of the muppets performed with Emily Maynard and her potential suitors in a charity variety show, benefitting Levine Children's Hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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The group date featured the guys singing, dancing and telling jokes, which gave them all a little stage fright, but none more than Charlie. The 32-year-old from Massachusetts suffered a horrific accident some time ago after a 15-story fall left him in a coma. As a part of his recovery process, Charlie had to re-learn how to read and speak, which has led him to an intense insecurity about public speaking, as he's still not comfortable with the skill.

Emily was sympathetic to Charlie's plight, reassigning him from the stand-up comedy portion of the show to the talk-show segment, where he faired well enough to make Emily proud.

Prior to the group date, Ryan was chosen for the first solo date of the season, which also managed to be the most low-key date in recent memory. Emily took Ryan back to her home, where the two baked cookies for Emily's daughter and her soccer team. Later the two had dinner at one of Emily's favorite restaurants where she admitted to Ryan that she didn't want to wind up as someone's prize. Ryan pointed out that this would be difficult as they're involved in a dating contest.

Still, Emily described their day together, saying, "This could not have been a more perfect first date for me."

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The second solo date went to Joe, who had a tough act to follow. Joe's date with Emily turned out to be the polar opposite from the first in almost every way. Their time together kicked off with a limo ride and a private flight to Emily's home state, West Virginia. Emily admitted that Joe comes off as a kind person, but he proved to be ill prepared for some of her basic questions. He responded vaguely when asked where he wanted to be in five years, deflecting the question back to Emily and insisting that he would go with whatever she wanted.

Joe was ultimately sent home, as Emily couldn't figure out where she or her daughter would fit into his life.

Aaron and Kyle also failed to receive a rose on Monday's episode and were sent packing.

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