Jessica Sanchez Hopes to Burst 'Idol' 'Bubble'


As finalists of seasons past have proven, Grammy winners can be born even if you're not voted the American Idol champ. Jessica Sanchez has nothing to be ashamed of for her triumphant run on the show and surely has a bright future to look forward to in the spotlight.

The morning after her defeat, Jessica was complacent and optimistic while speaking with ETonline. "Jennifer Hudson came in 7th place and she's one of the biggest ones. I have so much respect for her. Hopefully I am one of those people," the runner-up said.

VIDEO: Sanchez Eager to Start Her Career after 'Idol'

One of the first things on Jessica's agenda, besides celebrating with family, is to find a song that is a good fit for her debut single. She didn't mesh well with Change Nothing, the lyrics Jimmy Iovine selected for her. "Now I have time and variety and I can choose and look through songs with producers. I'm definitely going to make my real single something that is 100% me," she maturely planned.

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The songstress defines her authentic sound as "urban, R&B stuff. A little pop, but not much. Not bubblegum." Jessica sincerely plans to stay humble to her modest roots and expressed gratitude to the show for launching her career, but doesn't want to live in the shadow of reality television forever. "We have to break out and be artists instead of American Idol contestant," she told ETonline.

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Jessica gave the audience "goosies," as Jennifer Lopez would say, each time she channeled a Whitney Houston song. Her set list is not yet finalized for the American Idol Live! Tour, but one song she wishes she had the opportunity to sing on the Fox program was Prince's How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore. Perhaps this Idol princess will get that chance on the tour, which hits the road on July 6 in Detroit.