What Does it Take to Be 'American Ninja Warrior'?


The American Ninja Warrior competitors may appear to be simply running around through an obstacle course, but their competition has become a sport of its own and has captured the attention of NBC. While raw physical ability is certainly one of the requirements to become an American ninja warrior, there is another more important asset that breeds winners.

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Although the show has yet to see a contestant become an American ninja warrior, co-host Jonny Moseley gave his opinion on what it takes to become one. "We know that it takes a wide variety of skill...superb strength and timing," the former professional skier said. "The other thing it requires that we're really finding out is you gotta be smart. You got to be able to pick up these obstacles right away and be able to figure out how...you get through this thing correctly."

The show, which aired its finale on NBC last season, is airing on its previous network, G4TV, concurrently with its NBC broadcasts. "It just shows how much this sport has grown. It's become a huge phenomenon," sideline reporter Angela Sun said. "These are straight-up hardcore competitors...They train [and put] blood, sweat, and tears behind all of this. It all comes together. It shows in the course."

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The most admirable part about the contestants, according to co-host Matt Iseman, is that they are performing on their own merit, as most of them are not being paid. "For the most part, nobody's getting paid here," he said. "The odds of success are literally less than one-tenth of one percent...They spend their lives getting ready for this...and it's amazing to watch them improve and grow and to see them conquer not only the course but themselves."

While the contestants attempt to conquer the course, the hosts will gladly sit back and them do the action while they commentate. "I will say...that makes me really glad to be talking about it and not having to do it," Iseman said.

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American Ninja Warrior
airs Mondays on NBC and Sundays and Tuesdays on G4 at 9 p.m.