Simon Baker Plays 'True or False'


Let's face it-- Simon Baker fans are insatiable when it comes to information about the Mentalist hunk, and what better way to get the straight dirt on the actor than from the sexy Australian himself?

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Christina McLarty met up with the star on the set of his CBS hit, where Baker was surprisingly forthcoming with the various tidbits about his past-- that is, until the subject of his shirtless dancer cameo in the 1991 music video, Love You Right, for Aussie girl group Euphoria was broached.

"I actually worked behind the scenes," he clarified, denying the irrefutable proof making the rounds around the Internet. Pressed further, he blushingly confessed, "I was, yes…allegedly. Some may call it dancing, others may call it… gyrating."

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Check out the video for Simon's sexy moves, if you haven't seen them already, and more little-known facts about the actor you may not be privy to!

Be sure to keep an eye out for The Mentalist when the series returns for season five on CBS, Sunday nights this fall.