'The Bachelorette' Gets Physical!


Emily Maynard jumpstarted The Bachelorette with an adrenaline rush on Monday's episode. She and Chris scaled the wall of the restaurant where they would be having dinner for their one-on-one date.

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Fortunately for Emily, Chris was more than willing to take on the task by her side, as Emily grew increasingly shaky the higher they went. Emily admitted that she felt safe, having Chris close by. Although she's clearly attracted to Chris on physical level, Emily was alarmed to find out his age, 25, thinking that he might be too young to dedicate himself to raising a family. By the end of the night, Chris proved himself enough to score a rose and the first real kiss of the season.

Chris was excluded from the subsequent group date, which involved a mini inquisition with five of Emily's best friends. While most of the guys were sweating bullets, coming up with just the right answers to the ladies' questions, Brazilian contestant Alessandro seemed to have nothing to hide.

That's not to say that he answered the questions to their liking. During his interview, Alessandro admitted to dating a distant cousin, cheating on an ex-girlfriend and having a one-night stand. Emily promptly sent Alessandro packing after he admitted that, for him, fathering a child meant making a substantial compromise in his life.

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Also sent home early was Tony, but for a completely different reason. The single dad had several breakdowns about being away from his five-year-old son. Being unsure of whether or not she would end up with him, Emily let Tony go, as she wouldn't be able to forgive herself if she kept him away from his son any longer and they didn't wind up together.

Emily's second one-on-one date went to Arie the race-car driver, who danced with her at Dollywood while being serenaded by Dolly Parton herself. Arie also kissed Emily for the first time.

At the end of the rose ceremony, Stevie was the odd man out, admitting, "It sucks and it hurts," on his way out of the house.

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