Letterman on Family Life Post-Scandal


David Letterman opens up to pal Regis Philbin for a special CNN interview tonight, giving viewers a rare glimpse into his heavily guarded family life.

Letterman summed up fatherhood, saying, "Life is no longer solely about you. It's about him." The comedian has an eight-year-old son, Harry, with wife Regina Lasko.

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The Late Show host wed Regina on March 19, 2009 after 23 years of dating. Their honeymoon phase was short lived, however, as David made his on-air cheating confession just months after the nuptials.

"She's fine," Letterman said about his wife today. "She's a lovely woman, and she's just fine."

The Letterman family seems to have affectively gotten over their public trials, able to return back to normal family activities despite their patriarch's celebrity. The trio has taken up skiing, which has resulted in a few laughs at Regina's expense. Watch the video for more. The entire interview airs tonight at 9 p.m. ET on CNN.