Jenny McCarthy Teases 'Love in the Wild'

Jenny McCarthy Teases 'Love in the Wild'

Love in the Wild
is returning for a second season this summer with new host Jenny McCarthy, who is sharing her thoughts about her first season on the show and what she thinks viewers can learn from the show.

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McCarthy said that although the show is originally predicated upon a mere physical attraction between the contestants, superficiality doesn't hold its ground on the show. " doesn't last that long," she said. "I've seen...many beautiful men and beautiful women and then you spend twenty minutes with them and you can't run away fast enough."

The 39-year-old multifaceted star maintains that as the show progresses, the contestants' true identities are revealed. "This show, because of the adventures, really allows you to see who the person is for real," she said. "You cannot pretend to be somebody else when you are in life-threatening situations on these adventures."

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Although the same premise of singles pair up for various adventures still exists, McCarthy has enacted a few tweaks as host this season. "There [have] been a couple of changes. There [are] a few more twists, a few more surprises along with me, of course, being the new host of the show," she said on a beach in The Dominican Republic, where this season will take place. "I think people are going to be really surprised and happy with what we've come up with."

There may be a few variations in the show but its setup of pitting the two sexes against one another in a mating exercise is fundamentally destined to create tension amongst the contestants at some point.

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"There are going to be some girls that like the same guy [and vice versa] and that's why we are here to capture it all," she said. "We are hoping to have those tiffs. We are hoping to see a guy fight for his girl and a girl fight for her man. It's something that we can all relate to in the real world and I'm sure this show will absolutely feed the appetite for those who love that kind of thing."

Love in the Wild
will kick off its second season with new host Jenny McCarthy tonight with a two-hour series premiere at 9 p.m. on NBC. Check out the video above for a sneak peek.