'Saving Hope' Gets Caught Between Two Worlds


The new television series Saving Hope takes a new interpretation on the typical medical drama by intertwining the realms of life and death. In the series premiere, Charlie becomes a medium between two worlds as he falls into a coma after a car accident.

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In the featured clips of tonight's premiere, we see Charlie (played by Michael Shanks) and Alex (played by Erica Durance) involved in a car accident while they are on the way to their wedding in a taxi. The two are able to get out the car and walk around but Charlie's injuries are much graver than anticipated, as he collapses in the arms of Alex and falls into a coma.

Charlie then finds himself stuck between the worlds of life and death as he becomes present outside of his body in the hospital in the form of a spirit. Shanks, who plays Charlie, noted that Charlie's in-between state allows the viewers a duel perspective on hospital life.

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"The interesting thing about Charlie's position now in life is that because he's able to roam around the hospital being unseen and he's able to be an observer, and given his medical background and his understanding of everything that's going on in the hospital, he's able to tie together all the different stories and allow the viewer access to the insider information about what's happening," he said.

Alex, who is a doctor as well, faces the challenging reality of having her fiance be unresponsive and in a hospital bed for what seems like eternity. As we see in the above preview, she struggles to keep her composure as time passes with Charlie in a coma.

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"When Alex's world is falling apart, time keeps marching on," Durance, who plays Alex, said. "You start to see in certain episodes [that] she's falling apart and work is falling apart and her personal life is falling apart...I think that there [are] a lot of things that people can relate to in that."

Check out the full preview of tonight's series premiere of Saving Hope, which will air tonight at 9 p.m. on NBC.