'Bachelorette''s Charlie Saves Dirt for 'Tell All'


Charlie Grogan restrained himself on Thursday when speaking to ETonline, careful not to label any specific people as villains on The Bachelorette.

"When the Men Tell All episode comes out, I'll point fingers. I don't want to name names," he hinted at what's really on his mind. "It was a shocker to me getting sent home because some of the guys that were left, I didn't feel were as suitable for her as I could have been." When it comes down to Emily Maynard choosing her #1 leading man, Charlie thinks Sean Lowe is "a great guy" for the job.

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Though not documented comprehensively in the edit of the show that aired, Charlie said he and Emily had sufficient time together, but wishes he had seized the opportunities to discuss "more personal things." Implementing his strategy to allow their relationship to progress slowly, Charlie said, "Eventually I want to form a friendship and hopefully that will turn into something. I don't fall in love at first sight."

Another little tidbit that didn't make broadcast is that Charlie and Emily had less than six degrees of separation. They had crossed paths once before at a mutual friend's party in Nashville. When Charlie got out of the limo on the first night, "she knew my face and she remembered me, but she didn't know how or when," he recalled. "It was a cute conversation that we had."

He did give Nate a little jab with a dagger when our conversation turned to age and maturity level. "Nate being 25 and Chris being 25, you could tell Chris is more mature," he evaluated. On Monday's episode, Doug and Chris were at each other's throats, bickering if Chris was old enough to assume the role of stepfather to Ricki. "The argument can go either way. It all depends on your experiences in life," Charlie inserted.

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Charlie took plenty away from his Bachelorette experience, finding conquering stage fright at the Muppets show to be "therapeutic" and a "demon [he] was trying to overcome for years." He has also philanthropically continued his involvement with the Children's Hospital.

If asked to return to the dating show franchise, "I would go back and do it 100 times again," he proclaimed enthusiastically. The Bachelorette travels across the pond to London for Monday's episode on ABC.