'Bachelorette' Recap: Emily's Mama Bear Comes Out


Ten suitors remain as the competition for Bachelorette Emily Maynard's affections continues in London. In a shocking twist, one unlucky bachelor is exposed for some not-so-kind words said about Emily's daughter Ricki. 

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Before all the drama unfolds, Sean is awarded a coveted one-on-one this week with Emily. The two spend a romantic day in the city, dining within the candle-lit Tower of London to finish. Conversation turns quickly to the other love of Emily's life, daughter Ricki, and the inevitable subject of kids, which she confesses unabashedly to wanting "a lot" of. Luckily Sean is open to having as many children as his wife-to-be desires, which delights Emily and she bestows upon him a rose as his reward.

The next day, the other guys (minus Jef, who was given the second one-on-one in London) convene for the group date consisting of an afternoon in Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of Shakespeare. The eight enjoy a light-hearted day of theater, acting out various roles in Romeo and Juliet. Next, the group heads to the pub for a beer, where Chris reveals to the boys that Kalon had essentially complained to him that Emily comes with "a lot of baggage," namely Ricki. When confronted, Kalon didn't deny it and seemed unapologetic about his words which then prompted Doug to step up and alert Emily about the snake in the grass.

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Scarcely able to contain her rage, Emily confronts Kalon, demanding to hear his side of the story. He explains that yes, he did say something akin to what Chris told her, but fundamentally he says he is misunderstood. From that point, Emily wants nothing more from her suitor, and with pointed words and an expletive or two, she demands that he remove himself from the room and the competition.

Understandably, the event changes Emily's perspective on the competition, raising doubts as to who else she has let advance who may be pursuing her for all the wrong reasons.

Her one-on-one date with Jef the next day serves as a temporary distraction from her anger as Emily finally gets her suitor to open up to her. Although he reveals he was in the room when Kalon said the words that would later get him the boot from the competition, he is essentially forgiven. He makes light of the situation joking that if Ricki were indeed "baggage," she is nothing short of a high class "Chloe handbag," which warms Emily's heart. The young entrepreneur ends the date with a rose and what he describes as "the most anticipated kiss" of his life as they lock lips for the first timeoverlooking the Thames.

Before the final ceremony, Emily confronts the remaining nine together to essentially convey her great disappointment in not being warned earlier about Kalon, which in effect terrifies the remaining men who now seem to deeply regret not speaking up before Chris had.

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When it came down to it, Alejandro was left high and dry as the only bachelor without a rose, but as he takes his tearful ride back to the hotel, he has only kind words to say about the bachelorette.

Next week the final eight travel to Croatia. The episode promo teases yet another confrontation after Emily is told one more man in the bunch has Kalon-esque intentions in the game.

Keep it tuned to ABC! An all-new Bachelorette airs next Monday at 9/8c.