Oprah Hits Kardashians with Tough Questions


Oprah became the first interviewer to sit down with the entire Kardashian family at once, asking the questions you've always wanted to know. Watch the video for a sneak peek.

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In the clip, Oprah inquires about the kids' relationship with their mother Kris Jenner, who also acts as their business manager. Oprah asks point-blank how they respond to people who feel that Kris is "pimping" her kids.

Kim Kardashian reasoned that they would have to hire a manager anyway, so why not pick the person who cares about you the most?

"We just get each other; we vibe," Kim says of her business relationship with Kris. "I think, no matter what, no one would fight harder than your own mother for you."

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They all agreed that they've never felt exploited by Kris.

Oprah also gave the Kardashians a chance to respond to the most biting criticisms against them. Some of those questions included: would Kim be who she is today if it wasn't for her infamous sex tape and what do the Kardashians think they're famous for?

See the entire interview when Oprah's Next Chapter airs this Sunday, June 17 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.