A Fifth Wife for the 'Sister Wives'?


Will there be a fifth wife joining TLC's Sister Wives family?

While on vacation in Mexico with husband Kody, first wife Meri suggests that Kody consider a friendly woman named Natalie as a fifth wife. (Viewers will remember that it was Meri who first suggested fourth wife Robyn to Kody.)

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Back home, Kody's other wives are all appalled at the idea. Christine says of Meri, "She has got to be reined in, that woman's insane… she needs to be done bringin' in those women," while Janelle ponders, "I think it's just that when she sees somebody that she really wants to get to know, in her mind it automatically jumps to 'sister wife.'"

Watch the video to see Kody's take on inviting the attractive Natalie into their family.

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Sister Wives airs Sunday nights on TLC.