Fiery Times Ahead For 'True Blood' Faves


True Blood's recently launched fifth season made good on a promise the 2011 finale hinted at by giving fan-favorite Terry Bellefleur a sizable storyline worthy of actor Todd Lowe, who many of us first came to love as Lane's leading man on Gilmore Girls.

And Zack fans will be pleased to hear that Todd and GG creator Amy Sherman-Palladino will be reuniting this summer on her new ABC Family show, Bunheads, when Todd plays a Paradise resident -- a role he tells ETOnline will be 180 degrees away from his True Blood character. We caught up with Todd to talk all about Terry's increased presence in season five and found out that while we're ecstatic to get more, fans may regret this turn of events since it may spell doom for his marriage to Arlene.

ETOnline: What excited you about Terry getting such a sizable storyline this season?
Todd Lowe: I've been on the periphery of the show up until now, as a comic button, but I've gotten some heavier more dramatic stuff to play this year. It's been great.

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ETOnline: What are you excited for fans to learn about Terry this year?
Lowe: Fans are going to be rewarded because we do go back and see why Terry has been so odd in seasons one through four. We see the cause of that. We know this from the premiere, fire is going to play an important part in Terry's storyline and we're going to see the cause of that. We're going to see why fire is so integral.

ETOnline: I know things can change on a dime in the True Blood writer's room, so is the reason for Terry's odd behavior that same as it was in season one?
Lowe: I think it's been kind of an organic process. I don't know if this was always Alan's master plan, but he watches the show too and steers it towards where he would like to see it go.

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ETOnline: Will we see more of Mikey, Terry and Arlene's ghost-loving son?
Lowe: Mikey has been asleep upstairs for most of the season. And he stays upstairs for most of the season.

ETOnline: Well, you lose a son and gain an adversary. Talk a little bit about the pros of working with Scott Foley.
Lowe: He brings a lot of TV experience to the table and it's been nice to play with somebody who has that kind of gravitas. I know he's got a lot of fans, and they are not going to be disappointed. From a character standpoint, it's been nice to see somebody share Terry's military past and be in this problem with him.

ETOnline: The arrival of Scott's character Patrick has led to some tension in Terry's marriage. Will that continue?
Lowe: Yes, the marriage is going to be tested in a big way. I don't want to stray too far from having Carrie Preston as a scene partner because I think we have great chemistry and it's one of those things where our eccentricities mesh well together. I hope that our marriage stays in tact, but I can't promise that it will.

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ETOnline: Fans often forget that many of the actors have never actually worked together on this show. Which co-star would you most like to share a scene with that you haven't yet?
Lowe: I don't know how Terry and Pam would mix, but I think there's a lot of great area there. I think as scary as she is, Terry could deal with her – but I would love to work with Kristin [Bauer van Straten] because we haven’t gotten to yet.

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ETOnline: Looking at season five as a whole, what are you excited for fans to see?
Lowe: This season, viewers who have stuck with us and know the mythology are going to be rewarded. We go deeper into the supporting characters, while still maintaining the dynamic between Sookie and her suitors. I think it's more streamlined than it has been in seasons passed, and those hardcore fans are going to be rewarded with more information about the supporting characters.

True Blood airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO.