Arsenio Hall Returning to Late Night

Arsenio Hall Returning to Late Night

In an exclusive interview with Nancy O'Dell, Arsenio Hall has revealed that he is returning to late night with a new talk show.

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Fans will remember the Celebrity Apprentice winner and comedian's '90s talk show that won two Primetime Emmys, making headlines with memorable recurring guests such as Will Smith and Eddie Murphy -- and who could forget Bill Clinton playing the saxophone?

The new show is set to debut in the fall of 2013 through CBS syndication, and although they're still ironing out the details of the show's first season, Arsenio does have a few dream guests in mind.

"First of all, you can't go wrong if you get Jay-Z, Beyonce and the baby," said Arsenio, who also named Eminem as an ideal music guest for his debut. "Guys like Eminem and Usher and Ne-Yo came right after I left the show, so there are a lot of people like that I'd like to jam with."