An Indecisive Emily Falters on 'The Bachelorette'


An Indecisive Emily Falters on 'The Bachelorette'

On the heels of Kalon-gate, all bets are off and Emily Maynard makes some surprising cuts during this week's all-new episode of The Bachelorette.

The 26-year-old single mom and her eight remaining suitors meet up in Croatia and right off the bat, Travis is revealed to receive the first one-on-one this week. On the date, the pair does some exploring in town and cap the night off with a romantic dinner, during which Travis admits he hasn't been on a date in nearly two years. Although things seemed to have been progressing rather smoothly, the 30-year-old sales rep is refused a rose because Emily feels the two have a more friend-like connection than a romantic one.

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On the group date (minus Ryan, as he is revealed to have received the second one-on-one), Emily and the remaining six head out for a pre-screening of the Disney-Pixar film Brave, after which the men change into kilts to prove their prowess to the Bachelorette. Ultimately, Chris triumphs and earns a stem after a successful day both on and off the field.

Up next, Ryan spends a relaxing day out to sea with Emily, but the uber-confident trainer lets it slip one too many times that he'd like to take home a "trophy wife," aka Emily, at the end of the competition. The final straw comes as Ryan proceeds to read aloud a handwritten list of qualities he'd like in a woman, leaving Emily to feel she can't hold up to his lofty expectations. In the end she denies him a stem, a decision which utterly baffles him.

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After resisting the rejection to the bitter end, Ryan eventually accepts defeat, while insisting she's "making the wrong choice." His ousting comes as delightful news for the remaining six, which prompts Arie to sneak away to Emily's hotel to congratulate her on her smart decision. The extra effort pays off, and he is bestowed with a secret rose.

When the time comes to hand out the final four stems, Emily realizes she can't choose between John or Doug in the end so she revises the rules for the week, allowing for both men remain in the competition as the seven jet off to Prague.

Keep it tuned to ABC! An all-new Bachelorette airs next Monday at 9/8c.