EXCLUSIVE: Jack Osbourne's New Reality Show


Jack Osbourne's recent discovery that he has multiple sclerosis has detracted from the excitement of his new paranormal reality series, Haunted Highway. ETonline has an exclusive first look at the show, which will premiere in July.

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As we see in the featured exclusive clip, Jack Osbourne is paired up with his partner Dana Workman as they take on journeys to sites that are believed to be haunted or associated with paranormal activity.

On their first journey, Jack dives into the water in full scuba gear at Bear Lake in Utah in search of the "Bear Lake Beast," which is a legendary reptilian monster over 20 feet long that has allegedly been sighted by many but without any video evidence.

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Upon descending into the dark waters to find caves in which they believe the "beast" to hunt, Jack says that he can't see much and notes how quiet it is underwater.

Check it all out in ETonline's exclusive clip above of Haunted Highway, which premieres July 3 at 10 p.m. on SyFy.