'Bachelorette' Kicks Into High Gear in Prague


The Bachelorette has been whittled down to just six guys and things kicked into high gear, since Emily Maynard will be meeting with the guys' families next week As the relationships become more serious, Emily wanted to make sure that she knows everything about the contestants that she can, which provided some serious drama.

From day one, Emily has expressed her desire to have an open line of communication with all the contestants, so it troubled her to find out about Arie's brief relationship with Bachelor producer Cassie Lambert.

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During her date with Arie, she confronted him about not disclosing this information to her. The confrontation took place off-camera between Arie, Emily and the producer in question, but Emily came out of it with an understanding of why the subject never came up.

Arie argued that his relationship with Cassie was so brief and happened so long ago that it never even occurred to him that he should reveal it to Emily. The bachelorette agreed that their fling wasn't worth mentioning, and her infatuation for Arie grew even more when he professed his love for her.

The next date went to John. While she likes John as a person, Emily has struggled to find her romantic connection with him. John revealed why he's guarded his heart more than the other contestants in telling Emily about how badly his ex-girlfriend broke his heart by cheating on him, but their day ended with a bad omen. John had troubled closing a lock that was meant to represent their love for each other, foreshadowing what was to come.

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While Emily was having a ball on her solo dates, both Chris and Sean were going crazy having not seen her for a while. But, unlike Chris, Sean executed a pro-active plan by searching for her late one night after her date with John. Sean's search proved fruitful when he ran into her on the street where she was walking by herself.

Next was the group date which ended in elimination. Emily hesitated at sending Doug home last week, wanting to give him another chance. During the group date, she got closer to him but not close enough, as Doug was summarily sent home.

The rose ceremony brought on another twist when Emily refused to participate in the usual cocktail party meant to allow the contestants to give one last shot at persuading Emily of their worth. Still, Chris was able to steal a moment with Emily, pouring his heart out by explaining how much she meant to him. His tactic appeared successful, as Chris was awarded a rose, leaving John the odd man out.

Tune in for an all-new episode of The Bachelorette next Monday night at 8/7c on ABC.