'Glades' Sneak: Callie Faces off with Miranda


Callie's attempt to reverse Miranda's cold-shoulder treatment of her backfires in a big way in a new sneak peek of this Sunday's episode of The Glades.

Callie decides to confront Miranda after she overhears the attending physician gossiping that Callie must have had an intimate relationship with Dr. Avery in order to have gotten her job. Watch to see Callie confront the aloof doc – and to see Miranda's revenge (and its impact on Callie's relationship with Jim) when the conversation doesn't have the desired effect.

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The episode also features Jim trying to track down the killer of the owner of his favorite food truck, and Jennifer's continued interest (and Jim's continued reticence) in tagging along with him during the investigation.

The Glades airs this Sunday at 9/8 Central on A&E.