RECAP: Charlie Sheen's 'Anger Management' Premiere


Tonight was Charlie Sheen's highly anticipated return to television, and the former Two and a Half Men star didn't disappoint.

Sheen's new series, Anger Management, features the actor in another slightly autobiographical role as a therapist named Charlie, who runs group sessions out of his house where he lives with his teenage daughter.

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The varying personalities and psychoses of the patients is reminiscent of The Bob Newhart Show, but a whole lot edgier.

Before becoming a therapist, Charlie was a baseball player whose career ended after he broke his knee in a fit of rage. During the premiere, we find out that Charlie is still struggling with his anger when he comes close to clobbering his ex-wife's boyfriend with a lamp.

This incident alerts Charlie to the fact that he's in need of therapy himself, so he seeks out a psychologist friend (played by Selma Blair) to analyze him. The only problem is that he's sleeping with her, which would break the ethical rules of the doctor/patient code.

The two friends with benefits ultimately work their way around that hurdle by alternating roles as doctor and patient, thus ensuring that neither is taken advantage of, or that both are taken advantage of equally.

Bottom line -- the show is pretty funny. You can judge for yourself by tuning in to FX Thursdays at 9:30 p.m.