Emily Maynard's Single Mom Advice to Katie Holmes


As Emily Maynard was on a journey towards love on The Bachelorette, Katie Holmes was headed in the opposite direction. At the center of attention in both cases is an adorable 6 year-old girl, Emily's Ricki and Katie's Suri. She may not be a single mom for much longer, but for the time being, Emily welcomed Katie to the club.

"I'm still trying to figure it out myself obviously," she said of navigating single motherhood. "I think my mom gave me the best advice and I've said it before, 'It's better to be home alone than be home and wish you were alone.' That's the advice that I've stuck with for so long and hopefully I'll be home and be glad that I'm not alone one day."

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Emily couldn't imagine having to explain divorce to her young daughter. "I don't even know how to tell my daughter that I was the Bachelorette,"she gasped.

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One possible Bachelorette outcome is out of the question. Emily dispelled rumors circulating that she and host Chris Harrison are an item, but did acknowledge that Ricki and his daughter Taylor formed a tight bond during filming. "Ricki would wake up and say, 'Can we call Chris Harrison? And, can I play with Taylor?'" she laughed.

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No tan lines or marks are visible on Emily's dainty ring finger, but Arie told ETonline a few weeks ago that his fiance wouldn't approve of him starring as The Bachelor. Emily responded with a smirk, "Whoever he's engaged to is a very lucky lady."

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On tonight's The Bachelorette, Emily narrows the field down to two gentlemen on ABC.