'Bachelorette' Recap: Emily Bids Goodbye To...


Who made The Bachelorette's final two? 

Fresh from spending quality time with her remaining four's family during last week's round of hometown dates, Emily Maynard touched down with Jef, Sean and Arie on the island of Curacao for one last hurrah before she makes her ultimate decision public on Sunday, July 22.

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Without a doubt, all three bachelors stepped up their game this week, finally expanding the subject of their lifetime of compatibility with Emily to the other love of her life, Ricki.

Sean, who was bestowed the very first date, kicked off the day with a thrilling helicopter ride to their very own private island where the couple took in a bit of snorkeling before taking in a romantic dinner on the beach. As the only suitor present not to have said "I love you," Emily eagerly awaited the magic words, only to be given the sentiments directed to her daughter via a handwritten note. The letter, which foretells a happy future with the 6-year-old and her mother, nevertheless warms her heart. Sean continues to share his affections, further adding she and Ricki fit in perfectly with his own family, who were quite taken with her.

When the time comes to retire, Emily ponders whether she'll invite Sean to the fantasy suite, but instead uses the opportunity as more of a test, assessing his intentions for the night. Delighted with the request, he accepts, but makes it clear he would like to spend the extra time getting to know each other better rather than anything untoward. The two then proceed to frolic in the hot tub, chatting and smooching until Sean is sent back to his hotel as Emily explains she's a mom and wants to set a good example for her daughter.

The next date goes to Jef and the couple spends the day sailing the island's crystal blue waters before settling down for a candle-lit dinner. Right off the bat, he dives into the serious question they've been evading—just how Jef will fit into Ricki's life, having never met her. Emily divulges that she already "pictures" a life with him and her daughter, which pleases Jef a great deal.

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At long last, Jef is given the fantasy suite test, and ever the gentleman, he respectfully declines. The move was unexpected and Emily confesses she felt robbed of the opportunity to turn him down. They settle upon conversation in her hotel room before retiring for the night.

Last but not least, Arie meets with Emily for a refreshing dip in the ocean alongside the island's friendly population of dolphins. From beginning to end, the pair can't keep their hands (or lips) off one another, a factor which Emily finds troubling in respect to the night's promise of a sleepover in the fantasy suite. In the end, she decides their chemistry is too strong to risk the test as it would be near impossible to not forgo her morals if given the opportunity.

With the final rose ceremony looming, Emily reflects on her "perfect" dates in Curacao, aided by three personalized videos from her suitors as the final tipping point for her decision. Cameras rolled as each emotional message played, capturing every moment of Emily's struggle to maintain control of her emotions as she narrows down her final two.

Ultimately, Emily gifted the final stems to Jef and Arie, leaving a clearly blindsided Sean in her wake. Before heading back to his hotel, Emily requests a moment in private with Sean and although he is initially reluctant to say much, with a little push the floodgates open.

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"I'm going to miss you more than you know," he laments, and she is quickly reduced to heaving sobs. Sean further explains that he was ready to spend forever with her and feels stupid for thinking she'd reciprocate.

Tune in next week as Sean and more of Emily's castaways this season return for the Men Tell All show airing Monday, July 16 on ABC. The following Sunday, (July 22) the bachelorette's final pick will be revealed!