'Big Brother' Houseguests Reveal Strategies


With Big Brother returning to television in just a few days for its fourteenth season, ET sat down with the houseguests to get to know them and, more importantly, to discover the strategies that they are upholding as they approach the competition.

Although most of the houseguests claimed to typically be nice people, they revealed that their strategies in the Big Brother house may deviate from their true personalities with the goal of half a million dollars in sight.

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"I want to have fun with it and make the best of the experience," said Jo Jo, a 26-year-old bartender from Staten Island, New York. "If I have to lie [or] backstab, hey, it is what it is...In that house, fighting for 500 grand, I'm going to do whatever it takes."

Most of the contestants echoed similar thoughts, expressing that they would do whatever it takes to win the money. Willie, a 34-year-old tankerman from Vinton, Louisiana, said he would go to extremes to win the hefty grand prize.

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"I'd vote my momma off for a half a million dollars," he said. "If a girl thinks I'm cute and she wants to flirt with me, that's fine too; I'll flirt with her. It [doesn't] matter; it's all about the money. If I [wasn't] going on this show to win a half a million dollars, then why am I going on this show?"

A majority of the houseguests stated that they had been watching the show for a while, and a few had been watching since the show's inception in 2000. Jodi, a 42-year-old restaurant server from Englewood, Colorado, revealed two hard-and-fast rules that she formulated after watching the show for so many seasons.

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"First of all, you never win the first Head of Household competition. Never. You have to throw it. [It] puts a target on your back way too soon," she theorized. "Secondly, you never nominate yourself because that person always goes home."

While most of the houseguests were preparing for their stay in the BB house, one contestant revealed that she was taking a minimalist approach to the competition.

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"It's hard with 'Big Brother' [to develop a strategy] because they just change it up all the time," said Kara, a 29-year-old model from Orlando, Florida. "I feel like all I can do is be myself and just play really hard."

See all the houseguests in the premiere episode of Big Brother's fourteenth season this Thursday at 9 p.m. on CBS.