Will Fans Be Satisfied With 'Damages' Ending?


Glenn Close's critically acclaimed legal drama Damages will be capped off with its fifth season, which is set to premiere this week. ET caught up with Close and her co-star Rose Byrne to hear their thoughts on the final season and the show's conclusion.

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With the fifth season already filmed in its entirety, Close said that she enjoyed working on the show. "I really enjoyed working with this group of people," she said. "I really felt it was worth weeping on the floor."

Rose Byrne, who plays "Ellen Parsons'' on the show, said that she was sad to leave the show but grateful for the experience she had on the show, especially to work with Close.

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"It's definitely bittersweet. I was an incredible group of people we had," Byrne said. "For me, getting to work with Glenn Close for six months of the year was just an honor ...I learned so much and I was incredibly spoiled [to act with Close]."

Close, who won an Emmy and a Golden Globe for her role as "Patty Hewes" on the show said that she would miss arriving at work every day to shoot the show at Steiner Studios in Brooklyn.

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Although the series won't be producing any new shows after its fifth season, the two actresses left open the possibility for a Damages film someday. When asked if she could envision a film version of the show, Close said that she "certainly" could.

"It was always a cinematic show," Byrne noted. "[It] would be great fun [to film a movie]."

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While a film adaptation of the television series has yet to be planned, Byrne talked about how the series ends and what she thinks fans will think of the series finale. "I'm sure it'll divide people," she said. "You can't make everyone happy so I think it will definitely divide people."

fifth and final season premieres July 11 at 9 p.m. on DIRECTV's Audience Network.