Kalon: From 'Bachelorette' Mansion to White House?


Kalon McMahon didn't descend upon The Bachelorette: Men Tell All taping from high in the sky. He forewent a repeat performance of his helicopter entry and hailed a cab to the Hollywood, CA studio.

Emily Maynard was equipped with some witty one-liners to counter Kalon's attempted apology. "I was prepared to walk out on the stage and have Kalon break down into tears and tell me how sorry he is, but I'm smarter than that and I'm not going to buy it," she snarked. Kalon didn't credit the blonde bombshell for the dialogue, though, insinuating the show had "some pretty good writers."

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Kalon stood his ground, telling ETonline, "I'm sincerely sorry for the way [my comments] were interpreted and how everything went down. I can't say with a full heart that I'm necessarily sorry for projecting those ideas… I believe that it was a minor speed bump in her fairytale and I really believe that she found love in this whole process."

The season's token villain has one supporter in his corner, his very own single mom. "My mom understands me more than anyone and is obviously my biggest fan," he said. "She understands my sense of humor and my perspective on life."

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In their mudslinging, Emily suggested Kalon campaign for political office. "I always joked as a kid I would love to have been a politician, but unfortunately I think after doing the show, I'm not very vote-worthy," he reasoned. "There's already too much scandal involved with myself, so unfortunately I don't think there's any room for me in the Oval Office."

Emily doesn't have ill-will towards any of the other contestants, even planning on extending an invitation to most of them to her eventual wedding. Doug Clerget hopes to make that guest list. "Ricki can come over and hang out with us when Emily's dancing," the single dad offered.

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On Sunday night, Emily will potentially get some bling-bling on her finger if she accepts a proposal from either Arie Luyendyk Jr. or Jef Holm. The finale will immediately be followed by a live broadcast of After the Final Rose on ABC.