'AGT''s All Beef Patty: 'I'm In On the Joke'

'AGT''s All Beef Patty: 'I'm In On the Joke'

With tonight's live show in view, one of America's Got Talent's more eccentric contestants, drag queen singer All Beef Patty, talked about the judges' opinions and how serious the gig is.

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"The reactions of the judges, for me, [have been] so varied; from, 'You're incredibly memorable' to 'Wow, the voice doesn't fit the outfit' or 'Is America ready for this?'" Patty said. "I understand. It's completely on purpose. I'm in on the joke."

After an exciting two weeks of live shows that narrowed the competition down, AGT is on for another round of live performances from another twelve contestants.

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In the video above, check out our preview of tonight's lineup, which also includes danger variety act All Wheel Sports, balancing act Cristin Sandu, dancer Elusive, singing dance group Inspire the Fire, comedian Jacob Williams, singer Jake Wesley, glow-light dance group Light Wire Theater, Rockstar Juggler Mike Price, escape artist Spencer Horsman, youth dance group The Untouchables, and rap/R&B group Wordspit and the Illest.

Check out the entire lineup tonight on America's Got Talent at 8 p.m. on NBC.