'2 Broke Girls' Are Anything But in Milan


2 Broke Girls stars Beth Behrs and Kat Dennings looked anything but broke in their glamorous high-fashion shoot for CBS Watch Magazine, where they rocked couture looks from Dolce & Gabbana in Milan.

"Well for the fashion we're wearing today, Caroline only has some of her nice clothes but Max is always in vintage -- this is like, high-fashion," Behrs says about the stark contrast between their financially struggling characters on the show and the decadent fashion spread.

"This is like if Max had Caroline's money, like old money, what she'd buy for herself," Dennings adds.

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The obviously close co-stars clearly enjoyed being in Milan -- their first-time ever in Europe.

"We've eaten a lot of pasta. A lot of risotto -- amazing," Behrs says about their trip up to that point. "You know what, the diet coke tastes better here too. Coke Light -- 'Cola Light,'" she laughs.

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And of course, the ladies also indulged in a little shopping.

"We've been shooting in this beautiful courtyard and walking around here, it's so nice," Behrs says. "And then you walk outside and its Dolce & Gabbana and every shop you can ever imagine."

"Oops, I spent all my money," Dennings jokes.

Check out the video to see the funny gals show off their stylish sides in Milan.